Once upon a design ...

We are the voice that tells a story. A story, made with your facts, figures and our imagination. Why stories? Because stories are not just heard. They are listened to. They are talked about. They are passed on. They immortalize the message, with a tactful dose of character. Here at Effect Works, we create a tale for every need, fuelled by passionate design. Be it a presentation, video, website or mobile app, there is always a great story behind it all.

What we offer

Be it an idea that seeks attention or a message that needs a voice, one often relies on PowerPoint today, to get their point across. Here at Effect Works, we take the good and make it better. Our presentations focus on bolstering your message with the right kind of visuals, tone and manner with a sole objective in mind – precise, effective and interesting communication. Every presentation is a story and every slide, a little chapter.
UX, as we know it today, exists all around us. Practically every personal interaction with a system and its interface is an example of User Experience. Here At Effect Works, UX isn’t just about giving your app a pretty face. We enhance its very character by changing its manner of communication. We aim to harness the joy of simplicity and aesthetics that promotes functionality as an experience and not a task.
Sometimes, an idea worth sharing is best done through a video. Where websites and presentations limit the target audience’s involvement to mere sight, videos marry sight with sound to take the viewer on a journey. Depending on the target audience and client's needs, the creative minds at Effect Works script and produce videos for all purposes such as corporate videos, training, product launches and much more. Got something to say? Let us help you share it.